Billy's Wish Charity

What is the charity's mission, and how is it related to St Albans?

Billy's Wish is a charity that was founded in the aftermath of the November 6, 2011 murder of 21-year-old Billy Dove in Hemel Hempstead. The charity's goal was to prevent knife crime through education, and over the last four years it has developed a three-zone PSHE Education program. Zone 1 is about staying safe and covers topics such as bullying, internet safety, safe adults, peer pressure, and others. Zones 2 and 3 are aimed at secondary schools and cover topics such as gangs, knives and the law, the consequences of knife crime, and the legal system.

The education program has won numerous awards and has recently launched a much more comprehensive program with 18 lesson plans (6 per zone), resources, Powerpoint presentations, handouts, and other materials. Schools and police have responded positively, and the charity is working with Hertfordshire Constabulary and other agencies to keep our children safe.

Half Marathon

St Albans Half Marathon hosts a School Challenge to promote community involvement. The school with the most participants wins a cash prize. Previously, only St Albans schools were eligible to participate. We've added an Outer Schools Award this year and increased the 1.5-mile fun run entry limit, but sign up early because last year's event sold out. We're interested to see who wins this year because the results were so close last year. St Albans Winners - The St. Albans primary school with the most entries in the 1.5 mile fun run for children aged 12 and under will receive a cash donation and a shield. Based on their 2015 score, the St Albans school with the highest percentage of registered students will receive a cash donation.

What happens?

We have a meet-and-greet area for runners in the runners village (which is identifiable by an event flag). You may bring a small gazebo and school flags to serve as a visual meeting place for your students. On event day, there is no parking in the park, so large items must be dropped off. We also ask that you place trash at your school in black bags for us to collect (otherwise the day is made very long as we have to litter pick ourselves). The winning schools will be announced and invited to the podium on Sunday, June 12th, following the fun run. The representatives from the schools will then receive their donation check at the Formal Presentation Evening. No way! The school must... Your school should publicize this opportunity to students and encourage families to participate. We will soon make event posters available for you to share online.

How do the children become enrolled in our school?

When the parent registers their child, they will be asked which school their child attends. We use the answers from this question in the final count. Please be aware that while parents must register their children under the age of eight, their registration will not count towards the challenge. Do I require a group? Schools will no longer be able to track registrations using the team tool as a result of the new family registration option.