Why do people run long distances?
Why do people run long distances?

What makes people run long and extra long distances? What drives a person who has to endure hours of pain, deadly fatigue, and sometimes even despair? And yet...

sheffield half marathon route
sheffield half marathon route

There are more and more of them.

The first Olympic marathon in Athens in 1896 involved 17 athletes. The winner, then, covered the 42-kilometre distance in 2:58:50 - today a respectable time, but almost an hour worse than the fastest marathon runners of today.

Also, we now understand a lot more about the phenomenon of long-distance running from a scientific point of view, from the effects on health to psychological motivation.

The vast majority of marathon runners do not expect to win Olympic medals or have their names commemorated in sports history books. Training alone, however, takes up a lot of time, energy and energy, and the race itself is excruciating even for the champions.

Despite all this, the number of marathon runners in the USA, for example, has increased by 255% since 1980 and the number of entries for the London Marathon and the Alton Towers Half Marathon has grown every year (there are now nearly a quarter of a million runners, compared to just 50,000 places).

To give you an example, 1,298,725 people completed the marathon distance worldwide in 2018.

For health - including mental health

The most obvious reasons why people are drawn to 'marathon running' are clear - the positive effects of running on physical and mental health.

Of course, some people worry about whether the rigours of training and exhausting competitions will harm their bodies, especially if you're ill-equipped. But it seems that the health benefits more than outweigh the risks when training properly.

The benefits of losing weight and keeping your cardiovascular system in check are well known, but research is constantly revealing more and more benefits of long-distance running.

For example, marathons reduce the age of your arteries and also seem to improve cognitive brain function and eye health (as shown in a recent study by scientists from the University of Augsburg in Germany).

Are women better runners?

Research shows that women are better at keeping up with the pace of running over the marathon distance than men.

Jens Andersen, a marathon runner and statistician at the Copenhagen Business School in Copenhagen, collected data from 131 marathons and studied the degree to which runners of both sexes slowed down over the course. The men's speed dropped more sharply during the deceleration period.

Although men tend to perform better than women in marathons, women may have an advantage over ultra-long runs due to the fact that they have more aerobic ('slow') muscle fibres, which help them cope better with fatigue.

Drunk from running

Finally, the last often-cited motivating factor for long-distance runners is that special sensation known as 'runner's euphoria' (a state of particular elation, similar to mild intoxication, seen in athletes during prolonged physical activity, resulting in an increased resistance to pain and fatigue), that is the real pleasure of running. So what goes on in the brains of marathon runners?

Endorphin hormones are thought to play a role, but the tranquil state of quiet joy that some people report may be due to elevated levels of endocannabinoids in the blood.

As a result, during a long-distance run, the brain may weaken or erase the memory of pain.

I was wondering, what are the upsides of participating in a marathon to raise money for a good cause?
I was wondering, what are the upsides of participating in a marathon to raise money for a good cause?

When you run, you may help a charity save money.

Race entries may be purchased by charities and then given to runners who meet a fundraising goal. If, on the other hand, you are able to enter the race on your own via the ballot or some other means, you will be able to collect money for a charity of your choosing at no extra expense to the charity.

Nowadays there are a lot of marathons, London marathon celebrity runners is one of the most popular, so if you want to know more, you may get acquainted with the information.

Your fundraising efforts will have a significant impact on the charity of your choice once any necessary expenses associated with your participation in the event have been deducted.

Participating in a charity run gives you something to run for besides yourself.

Running for a good cause will offer you more motivation to cross the finish line than just the satisfaction of a job well done. Raising money for a cause you care about while also making progress on your own objectives is a double win that may increase your motivation to take on tough challenges. In fact, you might end up bettering your previous performance!

Exercising Inspiration

When the rain is pounding down and the temperature is falling, it's easy to want to skip training or even think of dropping out of the race. However, you won't want to let a good cause down if they're counting on you. As a result, you'll be more prepared to face the conditions and the finish line strong on race day.

Affirmation For This Occasion And Its Success

The nonprofit will ensure that its runners have all they need before, during, and after the race. To make sure you feel confident when you toe the starting line, they will provide training regimens, advice on fundraising in the weeks leading up to the event, and assistance with other preparations.

You've officially joined the clan

There will be thousands of others in the same position as you at the London Marathon, the biggest yearly fundraising event on the globe. If you feel frightened, uncertain, or like you're losing steam, you can always find someone to talk to, whether they're advocating for the same charity as you are or another. In order to make it apparent who everyone is running to support, most organizations provide their runners branded running tops. Take advantage of the tremendous feeling of community among charity runners on race day by striking up conversations with other participants.

Promoting Greater Conscience

Marathons and other high-profile events may attract tens of thousands of viewers because of their widespread interest and widespread coverage on television. In this way, charity events are great ways to get the word out about the organization's work. When runners and their teams wear branded gear, it raises awareness of the charity and makes everyone involved happy.

Aid to Donors

If you want to raise money for a good cause, remember that taxpayers in certain countries may aid your fundraising efforts even more if you provide all of their information on the form they use to contribute. By providing this data, donors may qualify for tax benefits for the charity (in the UK, this is known as Gift Aid), which can make a significant impact in their efforts.

charity shops in Hamilton
charity shops in Hamilton
Why do people run long distances?
I was wondering, what are the upsides of participating in a marathon to raise money for a good cause?